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Here at Natureplex, we believe in having quality products that our customers can afford. As we grow in number with new products we think of the consumer and what is needed for everyday people. It is a pleasure to serve our customers with a great product that works and we welcome all comments and concerns.

Elaine Clark-Mister
Project Manager

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Natureplex Cares

Natureplex wants to help the environment by being a responsible manufacturer. One way we do this is by using energy efficient lighting throughout our facility to save electric power. Similarly, most of our equipment is pneumatically powered instead of electrical. Not only does pneumatic power save the company operating dollars, it is also better for the environment.

Another way we prevent waste is by recycling commodity products that are commonly thrown away such as, corrugated boxes, paper and plastics. We estimate recycling paper and plastics saves more than approximately 140 tons of waste in landfills per year.
Rather than discharging oils and fats down the sewer, Natureplex processes the fatty acids residuals from the blend tanks prior to draining. By collecting fats, and minerals, the actual amount discharged is significantly reduced from pounds to a few parts per million (PPM).
Natureplex gives back to the community by supplying product free of charge to non-profit clinics, homeless shelters and participates in a local backpack program. Additionally, the company is a regular supporter of FCA – a mentoring program for high school and college athlete’s.

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